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About us

The Economic For Health and Educational Growth is an Non-profit making body with activities to develop global relating to health & educational in India. TEHEG aims bring together people and organization with the common goal of enhancing developments activities.

The rapid growth and development of the Indian Health & Education has increased the need for a common plat form in order to discuss important issues of India's health & educational growth, economic for health and educational growth has taken the initiative in this regard.

Economic For Health and Educational Growth is the partnership of business, professional and other representatives of the Indian community to define and discuss the key issues on the Indian health and education agenda.It will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of recent research, advocacy work and other initiatives by academics, activists and others on a wide range of topics, with the aim of generating constructive debate.

Previous Events

Dr. Natubhai B. Patel, Gujrat, receiving award, Dr. G.V.G. Krishna Murty, Hon'ble Former Election Commissioner, Mr. Anees Durrani, Secretary (AICC), Maj. Ved Prakash, Secretary (AICC), H.E. Mr. Saideg Saidov, Ambassador of Tajikistan in India.

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