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Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives

The Economic For Health and Educational Growth is an Non-profit making body with activities to develop global relating to health & educational in India. TEHEG aims bring together people and organization with the common goal of enhancing developments activities.

  • Society will honour eminent personalities for their outstanding contribution in the respective field of activities by holding seminar and help them to achieve their goals and continually establish new ones.
  • To bring the people together from all walks of life and from different geographical areas to hold meetings for promoting understanding and goodwill amongst themselves.
  • To develop social awareness by conducting Educational Training programs, establish Libraries and study circles for providing literature and information conducive to development and advancement.
  • To organize Meetings, Seminars, Conferences, Symposia etc. in respect of Indian Economy. Industrialization, Entrepreneurship, Business Service and such allied subjects as also public awareness on social issues.
  • TEHEG will received donations, grants, fund and other financial / moral assistance to achieve the main objectives of the society.
  • The society will promote and support young generation for industrialization and provide them with technical / financial support and proper training.
  • A reasonable delegate fee from the Awardees in order to raise the necessary funds. The delegate fee, however, is strictly voluntary and no delegate is under any obligation to pay.
  • TEHEG is associated with the publication of leading English Magazine namely :GLOBAL BUSINESS IMAGE”.
  • The society will be mainly involved in the development of Health and Educational Growth in the country.


TEHEG will honour Individuals, Organizations and Institutions with Awards for outstanding contribution and achievements in their respective fields. Awards will be given in the fields of Health & Education, be presented in special seminars which will be chaired by Central Ministers / State Ministers / Governors Ambassadors and other prominent National Leaders.

Previous Events

Dr. Natubhai B. Patel, Gujrat, receiving award, Dr. G.V.G. Krishna Murty, Hon'ble Former Election Commissioner, Mr. Anees Durrani, Secretary (AICC), Maj. Ved Prakash, Secretary (AICC), H.E. Mr. Saideg Saidov, Ambassador of Tajikistan in India.

Mr. Soumitra Kumar Ganguly, receiving award from Mr. Ratwad, Senior Journalist Goa. Mr. Sudhir Rama Kandolkar vice Chairman, Urban development authority government of goa. His excellency ambassador Dr. V.B. Soni Former Diplomat and retired from the indian foreign service.

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